The Sad Reason I’m Happy My Kids’ School Never Re-opened

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As the mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado remind us that gun violence in America is still a serious threat, I feel the need to reveal a fear buried deep in my soul.

This time last year, my daughter’s school closed for Spring Break and has yet to re-open due to COVID. I complain to whoever will listen about needing a break from my 4- and 2-year-olds who are home all of the time. I sign petitions to get all of the teachers in my state vaccinated. …

In the Absence of People and Plans, I Found Me

March, which used to Spring us forward, now marks the end and the beginning.

This time last year, my daughter’s school closed for a two-week Spring Break (back when we thought 14 days would solve all problems) and has yet to re-open. Her last day also happened to be my brother’s birthday. Even more depressing than turning the anti-climactic age of 39 on Friday the 13th was doing so at the onset of a pandemic.

The night out with friends turned into a dinner-in with family, which meant three cranky toddlers, three stressed-out parents, and two conflicted grandparents awkwardly posing…

How Anxious Parents Can Raise Carefree Children

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I made a scene today. In front of my daughter’s first playmate in a year.

My 4-year-old was giddy with excitement when a Mom walked up to us and asked if her little girl could play with her.

Sadly, being from the Covid hot spot NYC area, that question now gives me anxiety. But we were on vacation, in open-air on the beach, and the only social interaction my kids have had for the past 12 months is each other. So, I said yes.

It only took a quick introduction for the girls to take off running, hand in hand…

A powerful piece without making anyone wrong. I've been in an inquiry about hereditary anxiety and after reading this, I wonder if there is a correlation to helicopter parenting. Sometimes, there is a true need to hover (I was born in wartime so my parents had every right to worry) but now as a new Mom, I try to strike the tricky balance between shielding and protecting.


Long before it was status quo, I worked remotely with two young kids and a lab mix in a two-bedroom apartment. The things that kept the delicate Jenga-like balance from crumbling down were extreme organization, efficiency and help.

My husband would drop off our 4-year-old at school and hop on the nearby 8:30am ferry to his office. The Nanny would arrive at precisely the same time to take care of our 2-year-old and allow for me to have a few uninterrupted hours of work. I got so comfortable, and perhaps delusional, that I even came up with a 5-year plan…

Sleeping Baby Memorial Sculpture by

I’ve spent a lot of my career looking at deep stuff in the areas of personal and professional growth. I’m also an avid Us Weekly reader and closet celebrity follower, especially when it comes to chrissy teigen and John Legend.

Maybe it’s because I like how Chrissy invites regular people like me into her life. Maybe it’s because my first born is a 4-year-old girl like Luna and my second is a 2-year-old boy like Miles. Or maybe it’s because my husband and I also lost a baby — much earlier in the pregnancy and much less publicly.

As I…

Jessica N. Goddard

Transformational consultant, mother of littles and writer of all things from the heart. Self-help parenting genre. Modern Parent contributor & ambassador.

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